When Elektroskandia switched to Softlogs as their invoice checking system supplier, they gained total control over their shipping costs. The system gathers all invoices together digitally which, beyond making sure they are paying the right price for the right product, makes it easy to analyze and follow trends.

Sonepar Norge AS

With the environmental report from Softlogs, we can now report our climate footprint down to order level, which means that we can compile the climate footprint for our customers. As a supplier, there are many demands in this area and it feels reassuring to be able to offer this to our customers. We are now working on presenting simulated emissions in advance in our online portal, so that the customer can influence their footprint when ordering – says Harald Hansen Logistics Director of Sonepar Norge AS.

Ellos Group

With 5 million shipments annually, the e-commerce giant Ellos Group needed a robust and flexible system to optimize logistics. The choice fell on the completely automated and cloud-based Softlogs. “They help us with cost savings and give us completely new insights”, says Josefine Motten Wernerby, logistics controller at Ellos Group.


With the solutions from softlogs, we get all shipping-related information available in one place. Here we can track all transport costs down to store, order, item and customer level and also use standard reports at customer and item level for Cost To Serve analyses, says logistics developer Markus Luthman at Elon Group AB.


Softlogs has helped us gain control over all our business processes, including the use of a freight calculator and the correct freight allocation in our accounts. Shipping is now built into all our profitability analyzes and is an integral part of all our control functions, says logistics director Stig Robert Gustavsen at Tools.

Customer Statements

«Better shipping agreements and an accurate invoice control that gives a quick overview are important to us. The system gives us full control and security that things are right, and this means that we save a lot, both time and money.»
«Processes we used hours to do before, are now just done with a click.»
«Felleskjøpet selected FIM - Freight Invoice Management from Softlogs, better control, faster cost allocation and reporting are important functions.»
«Softlogs are as much a financial as a logistics system, it has taken us from invoice control to financial overview.»
«Millions of savings with Softlogs on board.»
«I do not know of any provider that is close to offering what softlogs delivers.»