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Full digitalization of freight costs provides the customer with a transport system with good control and overview of all freight-related elements.

Processes that used to take hours are now done with a single click!

Advantages of using our solutions


Our solutions cover cost control of freight and cost allocation at department, company, and unit level.


Using advanced algorithms and machine learning, we analyze deviations over time and identify unprofitable processes.


Results, trends, and analyses are continuously visualized in our cloud-based solution.

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Our solutions are also applicable to 3PL / 4PL companies. Our economy system covers all transport economy related parts such as cost control, economic freight analysis, freight cost allocation at department, group and unit level, as well as onward freight invoicing.

FIM - Freight Invoice Management

The system for invoice management, cost control of freight costs and transport analysis collect data from your business order system, freight bookings and freight invoices/freight statistic. By analyzing trends and...

Vendor management/landed cost

At softlogs we put in all suppliers with associated alias names. In this way we can link purchase orders to both freight costs and customs costs and based on that...

FAC - Freight Agreement Control

Freight agreements are complex, which is why we have created our own solution where we can register and follow up freight agreements. The simplification of the solution lies in the...

Price query (API + App)*

The price query is the basis for all price calculations against freight contracts in softlogs. The functionality is available both as an APP as a pure support function for order...

Freight Cost Allocation

Allocating the freight cost to what it belongs to is often based on using X number of customer numbers at the freight company and the corresponding number of invoices. We...

Client/department Cloud

Whether you are a 3PL, 4PL or centrally responsible for freights with multiple departments / subdivisions, you need an easy way to reach customers or departments. Since all costs are...

Customs Portal

Our customs portal simplifies cooperation between importer / exporter, carrier and freight forwarder. The information is sent through our portal to achieve full automation in customs clearance work. This also...

Freight provisioning

How can you estimate the exact freight cost for one month? Market growth has made storage and production more centralized, which in turn has made transport costs a bigger part...

KPI Reporting – Power BI

We can collect data from all our modules to an overview module where we present financial key figures and reports to responsible for finance and logistics so they can do...

Customer Statements

«Better shipping agreements and an accurate invoice control that gives a quick overview are important to us. The system gives us full control and security that things are right, and this means that we save a lot, both time and money.»
«Processes we used hours to do before, are now just done with a click.»
«Felleskjøpet selected FIM - Freight Invoice Management from Softlogs, better control, faster cost allocation and reporting are important functions.»
«Softlogs are as much a financial as a logistics system, it has taken us from invoice control to financial overview.»
«Millions of savings with Softlogs on board.»
«I do not know of any provider that is close to offering what softlogs delivers.»