This is Softlogs

Jon-Arild Ludvigsen

Founder / CEO Norway

Øistein Solberg

Founder / CEO Sweden

Christopher Ludvigsen


Phi Ngo

Key Account Manager

Marius Graarud

Project Manager

Eira Solberg

Sales & Marketing Specialist

Mergim Diina

Onboarding Team Leader

Niklas Petersson


Vjosa Muharremi

Onboarding - on parental leave

Hannah-Karina Dugan


Chanelle Olsen

Support Manager

Ole-Petter Abelsen

Technical support

Ole Jørgen Nilsen


Martin Hafell


Morgan Olsen


Lars Thomas Thorsby Tollefsen


Animesh Rajukar

Product manager customs portal

Customer Statements

«Better shipping agreements and an accurate invoice control that gives a quick overview are important to us. The system gives us full control and security that things are right, and this means that we save a lot, both time and money.»
«Processes we used hours to do before, are now just done with a click.»
«Felleskjøpet selected FIM - Freight Invoice Management from Softlogs, better control, faster cost allocation and reporting are important functions.»
«Softlogs are as much a financial as a logistics system, it has taken us from invoice control to financial overview.»
«Millions of savings with Softlogs on board.»
«I do not know of any provider that is close to offering what softlogs delivers.»