Carbon Footprint Reporting

Carbon Footprint Reporting

Softlogs is proud to now be able to offer our new solution carbon footprint reporting of freight directly in our cloud-based solution. With an increase in focus and demands from customers and management, it can be a challenge to move in the right direction to reduce the company’s environmental footprint. Our Co2 reporting on freight are in accordance with GLEC framework (Global Logistics Emissions Council).

Continuous measurement of Co2 and Nox at order level

With Softlogs environmental reporting of freight, our customers can easily supplement their environmental accounting. Softlogs offers complete visualization of Co2 and Nox emissions from transport focusing on what actions your company needs to take to create a greener world.

Greener everyday life with climate accounting of freight

Measure and follow trends continually to see if your actions have desired effects. The solution is based on shipments or bookings that are loaded into our system. In this way, you always have a complete picture of the period’s emissions, regardless of whether the carrier has sent out environmental reports.

Good division of the measurements so that the right measures can be initiated

We analyze and compliment the information with all the factors needed for the emission calculation. The carbon footprint report covers the company’s self-defined routes, zones, customers and all the way down to sales order level. You will always recognize yourself in the climate reports from Softlogs.

If you can measure it – you will go greener