Freight Invoice Management

FIM – Freight Invoice management

The system for invoice management, cost control of freight costs and transport analysis collect data from your business order system, freight bookings and freight invoices/freight statistic. By analyzing trends and deviations of transport costs, the system provides us with potential for improvement in terms of both existing agreements and freight companies processes, and the company’s internal processes in the storage and ordering departments.

All deviations based on comprehensive regulations, defined in cooperation with our experienced consultants, are captured by the FIM.

Easy to start

We take full responsibility for the connection with external actors and the data needed to achieve desired results of the freight analysis. We do this with minimal work load on the IT department and others parts within, or connected, to your organization.

This is what this module offers you:

  • Freight Invoice Control
  • Transport cost analysis
  • Delivery quality
  • KPI´s for transports
  • Booking quality
  • Deviation in local current and percentage
  • Booked versus invoiced
  • Invoiced cost versus freight agreement
  • Double delivery occurrence
  • Notification at high additional costs
  • Deliveries outside agreement