Freight Agreement Control

FAC – Freight Agreement Control

Freight agreements are complex, which is why we have created our own solution where we can register and follow up freight agreements. The simplification of the solution lies in the fact that all general conditions and additional charges are maintained by our support. This makes registration and maintenance of the customer’s own agreements easier to administer.

Agreement service from

As a customer you can choose whether you want to register / maintain the agreements in the system by yourself or if you want this to be handled as part of our services.
When we are responsible for updating, we can take responsibility also for the dialogue with transporters when we find deviations between what is booked/invoiced and our result.

Price requests for transports

Through our Price Query-function you can access all agreements defined in the system. Read more about this at Price Query.

Price adjustments

All price adjustments reported from the transport companies are updated directly in the system so that all agreements always are up-to-date.