Freight Agreement Control

FAC – Freight Agreement Control

This module supervises all your freight agreements and prices. We have built this module using new technology. If you prefer, this makes it very simple for you to maintain and register freight agreements on your own.
This module is the base in our invoice control. It is used by us, our collaborating partners and the customer external logistics consultants working with customer freight agreements.

Agreement service from

Nevertheless, many of our customers choose to let our service department and analysts take responsibility for handling freight agreement updating, to ensure that everything is handled properly.
When we are responsible for updating, we can take responsibility also for the dialogue with transporters when we find deviations between what is invoiced and our result. But only if you as our customer wants us to.

Tender simulation

This module is used if you have requested a transport tender and wants to see the economic result of a transport offer from a transporter.
This will be based on historical transactions of transports stored in the data base.

Price requests for transports

In the module, if you in advance wants to know the transportation cost for a delivery, it is possible also to search the web or using API to create transport price enquires. If you then have over-lapping agreements for either products or areas with different transporters, the system will show you the alternatives offered by the agreement regulations. If you want, the system can automatically send inquiries to external pricing databases provided by transporters on the market.

Price adjustments

When price adjustments are received from transporters, these can be entered in the system and simulate actual results of the adjustments. It is our experience that, if a structural change in a price list from a transporter arrives, the actual price change can be different from the calculated change by the transporter.