Our solutions

Inbound management

We have a strategic partnership with AEB, which is one of Germanys largest deliverers of TMS systems. We have access to integrations and API´s to SAP and other large business system deliverers through their ASSIST4 system.

Goods tracing

The most important part in this process is that you at any point in time can locate incoming goods, which enables you to quickly forecast when the goods arrives, and if it arrives as scheduled. In this way, you are able to plan your other production.

Slot management

You can utilise the function for slot management if you want to plan goods unloading. This enables the storage to communicate effectively with the transporter, and to provide him with unloading and loading times to smoothen and optimise the storage workflow.

Billing engine

To calculate larger combined freights, ASSIT4 contains its own engine used in the warehouse management system. The engine is integrated in our FIM solution, and can also be utilised for advanced logistic processes in conjunction with storage rental costs and other costs related to the logistic chain.

Denied trade screeninglist – risk management

Your company risk high penalties and other serious consequences if you trade with companies or persons enlisted as prohibited trade partners by the USA government. This is why we provide this service so your registers can be updated to gain constant control that your trading partners are safe to work with.