Our solutions

Best knowledge wins!

Transport economy and price structure are complex areas. Today, we see trades that incorporate many consultant corporations who offer services aiming to optimise company freights, which can be very profitable. Also, we have experienced that the theoretical models used by these consultant companies not always are practically applicable. This can, in real life, lead to that you as an end customer gets a more expensive solution, as the saving often means that your company has to change transporter to gain the profit.

Our aim is to give you as a customer a simple tool, and the support you need, to perform freight analysis on your own, and thereby gain the profits that a trimmed and adapted logistic can provide.

For this reason, we offer the following base services in our solution:

  • Creation of freight agreements
  • Monthly updates of amendments
  • Dialogue with transporters in connections with deviations or claims
  • softlogs-support



Also, we offer running services and education to make internal processes to function smoothly in your organisation. In this way, we can create an effective handling of corporate administration of transport costs, to achieve a good interplay and integration between your companies other TMS/ERP systems